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 Adding Ghia Door Lamps
Adding Ghia Door Lamps

The Ghia Door Lamp, fitted to my EF Fairmont

This document Describes how to add Door Lamps, as fitted the the NF/NL Fairlane, DF/DL LTD, and EL Fairmont Ghia.
This includes Part numbers, information on dismantling the Door trims, Mounting the Door Lamp, running the wires through to the Cabin, and finally information on wiring the Door Lamps.
The Door Lamps come in 2 Different Colours, Luna Mist (Grey), and Cappuccino (Beige), and are available from all Ford spare parts Dealers for around $17.68
The Part Number for the Cappuccino Coloured Lamps are NF-13776-A8.
The same Door Lamp is used on all Doors, (I.E. there are no Left hand side, Right Hand Side, Back or Front Door Models).
Finally, you will need a Drill, 3mm Drill Bit, Stanley Knife, some Figure 8 wire to connect the Door Lamp, A Phillips head Screwdriver, a Large allen key to REMOVE THE FRONT SEATS, and a pair of wire clippers.
This Modification should take approximately,
  • 15 Minutes to dismantle one Door Trim
  • 30 Minutes to Drill and Cut a Hole for the Lamp in 1 Door Trim
  • 60 Minutes to Run the Cabling From the Door, through the Rubber Door conduit, to the Vehicle Cabin (Per Door) - Back Doors will take much longer !
  • 30 Minutes to Connect the Cabling to the vehicles electrical system.
  • Dismantaling the Door Trims
    Dismantling the Rear Doors
    The Rear Door trims are much easier to dismantle, compared to the Front doors, so it is recommended that you first attempt the dismantle the Rear Doors First, so as you get an idea of what problems you may face when attempting the Front door trims.
  • 1 - Remove the Rear Quarter window plastic Trim.
  • 2 - (Power Window Models) Remove the 2 Plastic Plugs used to cover the Arm Rest Screws, and Remove the 2 Screws.
  • 3 - (Non Power Window Models) Remove the Screw used for fix the Arm Rest Handle.
  • 4 - Remove the Plastic Screw Cover on the Door Handle, and remove the Screw.
  • 5 - Disengage the Door Handle Control Rod, by Pulling the Door Handle out a little bit, and pulling the control rod out of the Plastic Sleeve.
  • 6 - Remove the 8 Coloured Coded Screws on the perimeter of the Door Trim.
  • 7 - Lift the Door Trim in an Upwards direction, to Unlock the Trim from the Door Frame. (There are 3 Clips that hold the Door trim in place, at the top, near the window sill).
  • 8 - Remove the Door Trim, Taking care not to Scratch the Window if you have Tinted windows.
  • 9 - Remove the Rubber Sound Proofing Door Trim.

    Dismantling the Front Doors
  • 1 - Remove the Plastic Cover behind the Electric Mirror. This is held on by 1 phillips head screw.
  • 2 - (Power Window Doors) Remove the 2 Plactic screw covers on the Arm rest, and remove the 2 screws behind these covers.
  • 3 - (Non Power Window Doors) Remove the Screw on the armrest, inside the plastic handle.
  • 4 - Remove the Plastic Screw Cover on the Door Handle, and Remove the Screw.
  • 5 - Disengage the Door Handle Control Rod, by Pulling the Door Handle out a little bit, and pulling the control rod out of the Plastic Sleeve.
  • 6 - Remove the Colour Coded Screws around the Door, holding the Door Trim in place.
  • 7 - Remove the Door Lock Button, to do this, use a pair of pliers, with some cloth or tape wrapped around the metal grips so as not to damage the Door Lock Button.
  • 8 - Lift the Trim from the Bottom of the door upwards, taking care not to scratch the glass (If you have tinted windows)
  • The Back Door Quarter Window Plastic cover - Removed

    The Rear Door Handle and arm rest, with the Plastic Plugs Removed

    The back door, with the Door Handle removed

    Cutting Holes in the Door Trims
    The Fairlane Door lamps require an oval hole to be cut in the Door Trim, along with 2 small 3mm holes for mounting pins, in order to fit flush on the door trim.
    If you have the Door Map Pockets fitted to the Door Trim, then a hole will already be cut in the Main Trim for the Door Lamp, and all you will need to cut out is the above holes in the Map Pocket Plastic Trims.
    In Regards to these Plastic Map pocket trims, There will already be markings for the Door Lamp in place, and these markings can be used as an outline for cutting the Trims for the Door Lamps.
    If you do not have the Plastic Map Pocket Trims, then you will need to cut a Hole in the Main Trim. Unfortunately the main trim does not have any markings for the Door Lamps.
    Perhaps the best and easiest way to cut out the holes in the door trim is to use a drill, and a 3mm Drill Bit.
    Basically you will need to drill a number of holes around the Perimeter of the Door Lamp Markings, and use a stanley Knife to Finally Cut out the corner bits, and any places where it has been difficult to drill.
    Unfortunately this is difficult to describe, so I have included some pictures here to help describe the Procedure.
    The Hole cut in the Door trim, complete with the Door Lamp

    The back of the DOor Lamp, to give you some idea of how the Door lamp should be affixed to the door trim

    The Back of the Door Trim, complete with the Door Lamp in place.

    Just some points I would like to call your attention to,
  • 1. Do not cut out the little wing parts of the Door Trim. You will notice that I have drilled 2 small holes in these "Wing" sections.
    These are for the 2 Plastic pins that will stick through these holes, and are to be glued on to the Door Trim to hold the Lamp in place.
    Ford uses a metal circlip, which attaches to these plastic pins, and cannot be removed without breaking these pins. This is the reason why I am using Glue.
  • 2. The area to be cut out does not need to be accurate. Luckily this is because of the very large Lip on the Door Lamp, that will cover up any poor cutting, and mistakes !
  • Door Lamp Wiring
    Unfortunately, you will need to Run 2 Extra wires through the Door Trim, Plastic Conduit, and through the Cabin.
    This part will take approximately around 30-60 Minutes per door to undertake.
    Luckily, you do not need very thick, high current cabling, so it is recommended that you use thin flexible cabling (If possible figure 8 wiring), so as it is easy to run through the Rubber Door Conduit (The Tube that the factory wiring is run through from the Door, to the Cabin).

    Running Cabling For the Front Doors
    Firstly, you will need to disconnect the Rubber Conduit from both the door trim, and the vehicle chassis.
    The easiest way to do this is to take your time, and use a Flat headed screwdriver, to get between the metal, and the Rubber Gromet that fits within the Door Trim/Chassis hole.
    Again, take your time with this, as you do not wish to damage the Rubber, nor do you wish to scratch the Paintwork on your door !
    Obviously, you will not be able to remove the Rubber conduit completely, as there will be wiring running through it.
    Basically try and get yourself enough room so as you can begin running the cabling through the Tube.
    You will need enough cabling to run about 1/2 a meter inside the door trim, and enough Cabling in inside the Car Cabin to run to either the Ignition Key Light, or if fitted, the Front Footwell Lamps. (Around 2 metres is a safe bet)
    Once the cabling has been run though the Conduit, feed the cable through the Metal Hole in the Door, and run the Cabling down the inside of the Door Frame, making sure that the wiring clears the Window Guides !
    (The Last thing that you want is not being able to wind the windows down !)
    Once this has been completed, you will need to run the cabling in to the cabin.
    Something that makes this job easier is to unscrew the door open Switch (Do not disconnect the wiring though !).
    Next feed the Door Lamp cabling through the Metal hole used for the Rubber conduit, and using the Door switch Hole and the Door Switch wiring as a guide, feed the Door Lamp wiring down into the Cabin Footwell.

    Running Cabling For the Back Doors
    The Technique for running the Cabling for the Back doors is much the same as the Front Doors.
    The only difference, (and this is a BIG one !) is that in order to run the cabling properly through to inside the cabin, you will need to remove the Front Seats !
    Unfortunately, this is due to the Fact that the factory wiring Loom comes out from the Back doors, underneath the Carpet, below the front Seatbelt Reels.
    This is right down at the Floor pan level inside the cabin, and unfortunately is a real pain in the Butt !
    Once the Wring is inside the cabin, you can then run the cabling underneath the carpet, to the front of the car, and connect the wiring to the wiring for the fron door lamps.

    Connecting the Wiring
    Finally, the last thing that you will need to do is connect all the Newly installed door lamps, to an existing Interior/Courtesy Lamp.
    If you have a Fairmont model, then the easiest place to connect these lamps is the Front Footwell Lamps.
    These are the Lamps that Illuminate the Area where you place your feet.
    If you do not have a Fairmont Model, then the Next best Place to connect these lamps is the Ignition switch Keylamp.
    Obviously the Keylamp wiring solution will mean that you will need to run the cabling from the passenger side of the vehicle, to the Drivers side.
    Once this has been completed, simply connect the door lamps in parrellel, to either the footwell lamps, or the Keyswitch lamp.
    Also, you will not need to change the fuse rating for the Interior Lights, as Ford uses the Same fuse rating for all models, regardless if the are factory fitted with door lamps, footwell lamps, etc, etc.
     Document Summary
    Document description: Instructions on adding ghia style door lamps to your falcon
    Document written by: Matti on 30 2002>, Copyright © 2005 Matti, all rights reserved.
    Document revised: 12 2005 - Revision 2.0
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