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Ford BA Falcon, Quick and Easy Modifications
The Purpose of this document is to Outline some very simple and easy Modifications that can be made to the BA Series of Ford Falcon Models.
Each Modification described herein should be easily completed within a period of one Hour, and are easy enough to attempt by persons with very little mechanical or Electrical Knowledge.
Basically, this Document is a culmination of Modifications that are too small to have their own Specific Webpage dedicated to each, and as such, have all been thrown together here.

Modifications Discussed in this document include, but are not limited to,
  • Adding Footwell courtesy Illumination Lamps to XT, Futura, and XR model Falcons (With the Premium Sound System Installed
  • Changing the standard intake snorkel to a larger, free flowing AUII XR8 Snorkel
    Finally, you might want to check back to this page once in a while, as more Modifications will be added to this page, as time permits !
  • Adding Footwell courtesy Illumination to BA Falcons
    This modification has to be one of the most simple, yet visually effect modifications you can make to an XT, Futura, XR model BA Falcon.
    For the total cost of roughly $10, you to can retro fit a factory Footwell courtesy Illumination system to your BA Falcon, as fitted to the BA Fairmont, Fairmont Ghia, Fairlane, LTD, and BA GT models.
    PLEASE NOTE : It appears that the Bulb holders are only available when the Premium Sound system has been installed, as the Instrument Cluster wiring harness is slightly different.
    A further document will be aded at a later stage showing how these Bulb holders can be added and wired to vehicles where these are not fitted.
    For those of you with the premium sound system, the only parts you will require are 2x 5Watt Wedge Bulbs. (The same sort of Light Bulbs that are used in the front park lamps of your BA falcon.
    When fitted, the footwells (The areas underneath the glovebox on the passenger side, and the area underneath the steering column on the drivers side), will be Illuminated along with the Interior courtesy Lamp, and Door Lamps (where fitted).
    Fitting Instructions
    This step couldnt be easier.
    Unlike earlier model falcons, the required bulb holders are already fitted in their correct position, and are pre-wired to the vehicles electrical system. All that is required is to physically fit the bulb, to the existing Bulb holder.
    Front Passenger Side The Bulb holder is located underneath the Glove compartment, roughly 2 inches away from the passenger kick panel.
    The following picture will give you a very good indication on where this is located.
    The Passenger Side Footwell Bulb holder, with Bulb fitted

    Drivers Side Footwell Illumination
    The drivers side footwell illumination is much the same proposition, as the passenger side one.
    Simply locate the Bulb holder, (Which is located at the base of the Cabin Fuse section, roughly 1 inch away from the steering column).
    The best way to add the bulb to this position, is to remove the Fuse cover. (If you have never removed this cover before, simply Pull the cover from the top, disengaging the clips, then swing the panel cover open, finally disengaging the clips at the bottom of the cover.)
    The Drivers Side Footwell Bulb holder, with Bulb fitted

    Once these bulb holders have been located, simply add the required bulbs, and enjoy your upmarket style interior.
    Adding the AU XR8 Tickford Snorkel to the BA Falcon

    The AUII XR8 Snorkel, fitted to the BA

    This section describes the method involved in fitting the AUII XR8 Tickford Snorkel, to the Non Turbo Inline 6 Motors.
    The original snorkel fitted by the factory is has a smaller opening, as well as a smaller diameter throat, which can cause slight air starvation to the motor, when compared to the AUII XR8 snorkel.
    Please Note : Do not expect miracles when trying out this modification. This modification is detailed herein, due to its ease in fitting, and its low cost in purchasing, and as such, the actual benefits, in terms of additional Rear wheel power will be very miniscule.
    The part required is the AUII XR8 Snorkel, available from all Ford Spare Parts departments, for a cost of roughly $23, to $27 Dollars.
    The Ford Part Number for the snorkel is TAUTVE-9A624A
    Fitting the snorkel should take no more than 5 minutes, including the removal of the existing factory snorkel, from the airbox.
    Removing the existing Factory Snorkel, and fitting the Tickford Model one
  • 1. Using a phillips head screw driver, unscrew the 2 Screws located on the lip of the Snorkel.
  • 2. Once these screws are removed, twist, and pull the existing snorkel upwards, and round towards the engine.
    Wiggle the snorkel around in this position, trying to disengage the base of the snorkel from the airbox.
    This will be difficult, and patience is recommended, but dont be too concerned about breaking parts, as the snorkel is meant to fit very snugly over a lip, moulded in to the airbox intake tubing.
  • 3. Once the factory snorkel has been removed, place the new snorkel in to position above the radiator, and position the Snorkel output close to the Airbox air intake input..
  • 4. Using both your hands round the base of the Tickford snorkel, simply jiggle the snorkel around, and applying pressure towards the airbox, in order to fit the new snorkel on to the moulded lip, of the airbox air intake tubing.
  • 5. Once the snorkel has been fitted to the airbox correctly and snuggly, simply re-insert the 2 phillips head screws back on to the Snorkel Intake lip, as shown in the picture below.
  • The snorkel. Note the Screw positions

    NOTE : The snorkel depicted in the above pictures has been colour coded to my EF Fairmont Ghia engine bay.
    These snorkels come from the factory as non painted, matt black plastic, in much the same fashion as the existing factory snorkel.
    2nd NOTE : Do not expect miracles with this modification ! This modification has been detailed herein as another way to help extract every last spare kilowatt from the motor, without going overboard in terms of expenditure. In terms power gains or RWKW, this modification will gain you very little, but in terms of Bangs per Buck, the modification is well worth the time, effort, and cost.
    Many owners of older EF, EL, and AU model falcons have fitted such a snorkel to their Inline 6 falcons, and have found the modification worth while.
    Below are some pictures that can be used to compare the AU XR8 Snorkel, to the factory BA model
    A direct comparison of the BA and AU snorkelAnother view of the comparison between the AU and BA snorkel
     Document Summary
    Document description: Quick and Easy Modifications for your BA Falcon and Territory
    Document written by: Matti on 16 2005>, Copyright © 2007 Matti, all rights reserved.
    Document revised: 01 2007 - Revision 3.0
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