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 Clear Side Indicators
This document takes you step-by-step through the process of fitting clear side indicators to an EA, EB or ED, the CORRECT WAY AROUND (that is, not back-to-front). Clear side indicators can greatly 'modernise' your car, and update it from the look of orange side indicators. This modification takes roughly 40 minutes to complete.

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Tools and parts required:

  • flat blade screw driver
  • sharp knife
  • hack saw
  • AUI Fairmont Ghia side indicators (x2 @ ~$15ea, Part Number ER13K309B) OR AUIII Fairmont Ghia side indicators (x2, Part Number AU313K309A) and orange indicator globes (x2, Part Number AU313465A)

NOTE: If you fit AUI indicators you can use your original bulbs as the lens has an orange bulb 'cover' inside it. The AUIII indicators do not have any orange in them so you will need to buy orange globes to replace the clear ones on EB-ED.

First, remove the existing orange indicator lenses. I did this by pushing the flat-blade screwdriver behind the lens to unclip it from the guard, being very careful not to scratch the trim. Alternatively, you can unscrew the inner guard from behind the front wheels, reach your hand up inside the guard, and squeeze the clips to pop the lens off the guard.

Photo 3

Next, twist the bulb and pull it out from the lens. You will now have the bulb hanging from the car, and the old lens in your hand. (This is where you change the bulb ONLY IF YOU ARE FITTING AUIII LENSES)

Photo 4

If you compare the EA-ED rubber bulb holder to the AU lens, you will notice that the lens has only 2 slots for the 4 tabs on the bulb holder. You now need to trim the bulb holder to fit the lens. Do this by very carefully cutting off 2 tabs on opposite sides with a sharp steak knife or similar. It does not matter which two you cut off, so long as they are opposite one another. You will also need to trim the two remaining tabs so they fit into the lens. It is best to do all this trimming a little at a time, and testing to see if it fits as you go. When the bulb holder fits firmly into the lens, it is time to fit the lens to the guard.

Photo 5

If you line the lens up to the hole in your guard (the narrow part of the lens points towards the front of the car), you will notice that there is a metal bar in the way of the larger clip on the lens.

Photo 6

Photo 7

It is therefore necessary to trim this clip so it can clip onto this metal bar. This is best done with a hacksaw, and cut at the point marked in the photo.

Photo 8

Take great care when doing this, because if the clip breaks in the wrong place, you may end up having to buy a new one and starting all over again! I found it easiest to put the hacksaw in a vice/clamp, and run the lens up and down the blade, holding it steady with both hands. When doing this trimming, it is again best to be conservative; you don't want to be driving around with your indicator dangling off the side because it doesn't clip in firmly!

Photo 9

Once you have trimmed the clip, clean the guard where the indicator is to sit. Then, fit the bulb back into the lens, and clip the lens onto the guard. I found it easiest to put the newly-cut clip in first, and then snap the other clip into place.

Repeat the process for the other side of the car, and there you have it! An EA/EB/ED with clear side indicators from an AU fitted correctly!

Photo 10
 Document Summary
Document description: How to install clear side indicator repeaters in EA-ED falcon - THE RIGHT WAY!
Document written by: Chicken on 15 2006>, Copyright © 2006 Chicken, all rights reserved.
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