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 Factory Sound System Info
Firstly, a big Thankyou goes out to Felicity (Chicken) for her corrections to the Wire colours for the Factory Connector
The Document outlines Information that is required when Installing, Fitting, and wiring an aftermarket Audio system to an EA-ED model Falcon, Fairmont, Fairlane, LTD, and Tickford Model Falcons.
This includes the following,
  • Removing the Factory Fitted Audio System
  • Factory Wiring Information, including Wire Colours, and Purpose
    As well as the above information, this document also outlines Factory options that may have been fitted, and how to integrate these to an Aftermarket audio system.
    These options include,
  • Power Antenna Control Modules and Height Adjustment Switches.
  • Amplifier Location, and Removal
  • CD Stacker Placement, and removal
  • EA Series Premium Sound Remote Control Placement, and removal
    Please Note : Obviously, some or all of the above options may not be fitted to all Falcon Models, but enough information is provided to determine what options are available, and what can be used with an Aftermarket System.
  • EA to ED Falcon Factory Deck Removal
    Warning : Some models of the Factory sound system utilises a 4 Digit Security code. If power to the Deck is removed, then it will be necessary to re-enter this code to enable the Deck operation.
    It is therefore a good idea to ensure that you have this code available so as to allow the Factory Deck to be used again.

    To remove the Factory System, you may also require an Anti Tamper Torx Screwdriver or bit, as these screws are used to hold the Factory Deck mounting bracket in place.
  • 1. Remove the Radio Surround Plastic, by removing the mounting screws.
  • 2. Pull the top of the Radio Surround Plastic rearward, and remove completely.
  • 3. Remove the 2 screws used to hold the Radio Mounting bracket in place.
  • 4. Pull the Radio/Tape Player rearwards, the Mounting Bracket may get a little stuck, and if this is the case, you may need to place your hand at the back of the Deck, and pull to disengage the mounting bracket.
  • 5. Disconnect the Antenna Lead, and the Radio Connector (Connectors for Premium Sound Systems).
  • 6. Remove the Deck (Radio/Tape player).
  • CD Stacker Removal
    The CD Stacker is mounted on the Rear parcel tray, and is accessible from the Boot.
    To remove the CD stacker, will need to get access to the Stacker Mounting Bracket screws.
    For Security purposes, the heads of these screws are underneath the rear parcel tray, and hence the rear parcel tray, 6" Speakers, Child Seat Anchor, and clips, will need to be removed.
    To do this :
  • 1) The 6" Speakers need to be removed, this can be achieved by removing the 3 Nuts that hold the speaker in place, underneath the Parcel tray, within the Boot.
    Once these nuts have been removed, then the speakers and speaker grilles can be simply pulled up and out from the Rear parcel tray. (Remember that you will need to also disengage the Speaker connectors before you do this).
  • 2) Remove the Child Seat Anchor. To do this, you will need a suitably sized Allen key.
  • 3) Remove the 2 Colour coded Plastic slips for the optional Child Anchors.
  • 4) Once the above has been removed, then the parcel tray carpet can be removed, (to a certain extent, as the Center Seat Belt will still be attached.
  • 5) Remove the Four screws that hold the CD stacker Bracket to the Rear Parcel tray metal.
  • Factory Amplifier Removal
    The Factory fitted amplifier module was fitted to vehicles with the Premium Sound System Fitted.
    The Factory Fitted amplifier module is fitted underneath the Centre Console, between the Centre console Bin, and the Power window switches.
    To remove the Factory fitted amplifier,
  • 1. Remove the Head Unit (Radio/Tape Player)
  • 2. Remove the centre console. (Sorry I dont have enough information on how this is done at the moment 8-(
  • 3. Remove the Ducting for the Rear compartment Air vents. Below this ducting is the wiring for the Amplifier.
  • 4. Disconnect the Amplifier Wiring.
  • 5. Remove the Attaching screws used to mount the amplifier to the Centre Console, and remove the amplifier.
  • Rear Passenger Remote Control Removal
    The Rear Passenger Remote Control was fitted to the EA Series Premium Sound System, and is located above the Rear Passenger Air vents.
    To remove the Rear Passenger Remote Control,
  • 1. Remove the Head Unit (Radio/Tape Player)
  • 2. Remove the centre console. (Sorry I don’t have enough information on how this is done at the moment 8-(
  • 3. Remove the Plastic Surround for the Remote Control.
  • 4. Remove the 2 Remote Control Retaining screws, and remove the Unit from the console
  • 5. Remove the Attaching screws used to mount the amplifier to the Centre Console, Disconnect the wiring, and remove the Remote Control Unit
  • Wiring for Low Mid and High Series Decks

    Main Wiring Plug - 13 Pins
    Pin 1 (Top Row, 1st from left)Blue / RedPositive (+) Speaker Line for the Right hand side Rear speaker (Drivers Side)
    Pin 2 (Top Row, 2nd from left)Grey / GreenPositive (+) Speaker Line for the Right hand side Front speaker(s) (Drivers Side)
    Pin 3 (Top Row, 3rd from left)BrownButton Backlighting (Park Lamps power)
    Pin 4 (Top Row, 3rd from right)Blue / BlackNegative (-) Speaker Line for the Right hand side Rear Speaker (Drivers Side)
    Pin 5 (Top Row, 2nd from Right)Red / BluePower Antenna Output (Positive Trigger) Used to extend the power antenna
    Pin 6 (Top Row, 1st from right)Blue / WhiteRadio/Cigarette Lighter/Accessories Power (As taken from the Ignition Switch)
    Pin 7 (2nd Row, 1st from right)Green / YellowBattery Power (Constant +12V)
    Pin 8 (2nd Row, 2nd from right)Grey / BlackNegative (-) Speaker Line for the Right hand side Front Speaker(s) (Drivers Side)
    Pin 9 (2nd row, 3rd form right)Orange / BlackNegative (-) Speaker Line for the Left hand side Front speaker(s) (Passenger Side)
    Pin 10 (2nd Row, Dead Center)BlackBattery Ground
    Pin 11 (2nd Row, 3rd from the left)Pink / BlackNegative (-) Speaker line for the left hand side Rear speaker (Passenger Side)
    Pin 12 (2nd Row, 2nd from left)Orange / GreenPositive (+) Speaker line for the Left hand side Front Speaker (Passenger Side)
    Pin 13 (2nd Row, 1st from left)Pink / GreenPositive (+) Speaker line for the Left hand side Rear Speaker (Passenger Side)
     Document Summary
    Document description: Information on the Factory sound system for EA/EB/ED Falcons, includes wiring information and speake
    Document written by: Matti on 17 2002>, Copyright © 2004 Matti, all rights reserved.
    Document revised: 22 2004 - Revision 3.1
    Document views: 26005 since 17 2002



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