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 RED LCD Panels
Modification Description
This document describes how to change the coloured filter used in the LCD panels on the Ford EF/EL Falcons, Fairmonts, and XR's
This includes changing the Odometer, Climate control, Clock, and Trip computer LCD Panels from Orange, to almost any desired colour.
The total cost for this modification will vary, depending on the quality, and quantity of the paper being used, but should not cost any more than $5.00 total.
The total time required to complete this modification will also vary, depending on the number of LCD panels to convert, and the time required for removing the components.
LCD Panel Colour Description
The Ford Falcon Odometer, Clock, Trip Computer, and Climate Control Displays all use a LCD Panel, that is opaque when a segment is not illuminated, but will become clear, when the desired segment is to be displayed.
It is this feature which give these displays a black appearance when switched off.
This is in contrast to the way cheap digital watches, and Holden, use their Liquid Crystal Displays. (Which are clear when the segment is off, and opaque when a segment is displayed.)
The Ford Model requires a flat Illuminated filter behind the LCD panel, so as when the segment is switched clear, the background Illuminated filter can be seen.
Any material can be used as a colour Filter, but the material must be translucent in order to allow for Night time Illumination.
Suitable filters include but are not limited to, coloured paper, thin cardboard, very thin Perspex, and translucent plastic. The Filter I have used to change the LCD panel colour is coloured paper.
The Original Ford LCD Orange Coloured LensesThe coloured paper used for the LCD Filter - Available at all Big W stores
The above picture on the left is the Original coloured lenses, as used on the Ford LCD's The top left is the Trip Computer, the top right is a standard Falcon, XR, Fairmont Cluster, the orange lens on the bottom is the Fairlane/LTD Cluster lens.
The above picture on the right is brightly coloured Memo paper pad, that was purchased from Big W for a total cost of $3.00, and included the colours Bright Pink, Lime Green, Dark Sky Blue, and Mello Yellow
This product is called Quantum NEON memo refill, and was made in New Zealand, so you can be assured of its fine quality !
As mentioned above, any colour paper can be used for a filter, (with the exception of Black), so if the above colours do not tickle your fancy, then feel free to choose a colour that does !
The colour used for the following conversion was Bright Pink, (2 layers), to give a saturated Red Colour.
You will find that different colours will require more or less layers to give a desired effect.
An example of this is the Mello Yellow colour requires more than 2 layers to filter out the Orange light from a light bulb, whereas the Dark Sky Blue requires only 1 layer, because of the darkness of the paper.
Instrument Cluster Modification
This section will describe the operation required to change the LCD Filter for the Instrument cluster.
This operation will be conducted on an NF Fairlane Cluster, simply because I am too full of p!$$, err, lazy to remove my Fairmont Cluster
The section also assumes that you already know how to remove the cluster from the Vehicle. If this is not the case, then check the Blue Dash modifications page for information on how to do this
You will also require a small flat headed screwdriver to remove 10 anti-tamper screws.
  • 1) Remove the Instrument Cluster from the Vehicle
  • 2) Remove the Illumination Bulbs located at the back of the instrument cluster. (Also remember where these bulbs are positioned on the cluster, as some have different wattage).
  • 3) Remove the clear lens and the Black Lens cover on the instrument cluster, by unscrewing the 2 screws located at the top of the Cluster, and by unclipping the 4 clips holding the plastic in place. (Be careful with unclipping these plastic tabs, as they are easy to break
  • 4) Remove the Black plastic with the Warning light Lens. (There are no bolts or clips holding this in place.)
  • 5) Your instrument cluster should look something like the following
  • Instrument Cluster with plastic lens, and warning light mask removed
  • 6) Remove the 2 screws located at the back of the instrument cluster. These screws are used to hold the Dial assembly in.
  • 7) Remove the Dial Assemblies. (These are simply push on, pull off, and are held in place by lage metal pins.
  • Dial Assembly, notice the large pins used to connect the assembly to the Instrument cluster board.Instrument Cluster with 1 Dial assembly removed.
    Instrument Cluster with both Dial assembly removed.
  • 8) Remove the 2 tamper proof screws located at the bottom far edges of the circuit board.
  • 9) Using electrostatic precautions, remove the Cluster circuit board, by pulling up and out of the housing, from the top.
  • 10) Remove the 4 small tamper proof screws, located at the back of the instrument cluster, behind the LCD panel.(Take extra care not to scratch the LCD panel, or to place too much force on the Circuit board).
  • The four tamper proof screws, located at the back of the Circuit Board.
  • 11) Once the screws have been removed, gently press the four clips, near the screws, and remove the plastic LCD panel, from the circuit board.
  • The plastic panel that holds the LCD panel on to the Circuit Board
  • 12) Remove the Inner Plastic LCD Holder, by depressing the 2 plastic tabs, and pulling the part out. (Be careful not to damage the rubber LCD Connectors when doing this).
  • Another piece of plastic, that holds the LCD to the other plastic
  • 13) The White piece of plastic resting on top of the LCD Panel is the Orange Filter. To remove this, hold the LCD in place by holding the 2 rubber LCD contacts, and invert the plastic, so as the filter falls out.
  • 14) Cut a piece or two of coloured paper the exact same size as the Orange coloured filter.
  • The Bright Pink paper, that will be used to replace the standard Orange Lens
  • 15) Place the paper face down, on top of the LCD Panel.
  • 16) Reverse the previous steps to rebuild the instrument Cluster.
     Document Summary
    Document description: How to change the LCD Panel Illumination colour found on EF/EL model Falcons
    Document written by: Matti on 12 2002>, Copyright © 2005 Matti, all rights reserved.
    Document revised: 15 2005 - Revision 3.0
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