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 Replacing Roof Lining
Removing the Roof Lining on EA - EL Falcons
This document explains the process of removing the roof lining in an EF Futura.
The writer and host take no responsibility or any mishaps occurred if you follow the below steps.

Removing Interior Roof Lining

Remove the sun visors. To do this there are 2 screws near the door, and another near the rearview mirror. Simple Phillip’s head screwdriver does the trick

Remove the sun visors. To do this there are 2 screws near the door, and another near the rearview mirror. Simple Phillip’s head screwdriver does the trick
Remove the interior handles. Once again held in by two screws. You need to lift the handle up to access them. It’s fun balancing act trying to undo these!
Using a flat head screwdriver, gently pry off the four horizontal pillars, one on each side of the car. To actually physically remove them form the car, there will be two screws on the slant pillars, one on each side of the car.
These need to be undone before we can continue.

Now comes the hard part.
The roof lining is held in by little black clips, similar to the ones.
At the kickpanel. These just pull out gently but are very hard to do. This is the second hardest part I found in this modification. In total there are 12 clips - 4 on the back, 3 on each side and 2 at the front.

Little black clips

No pillar

No pillars (overall view)
Remove interior dome light. Undo the interior light casing.
This is held in by four screws and wires attached to the roof.
I didn’t disconnect the wires, too much hassle. I just placed the light through the hole in the roof and it sat up above the roof lining.

Showing lamp dome screws. Undo rear passenger lights.
NOTE: If doing this in a Gli, you need not worry over this step.
It is suited towards Futura's, Fairmonts, Ghias and the XR series.
They are just little lights that are above the rear passenger that are independently operated as well as from the interior light switch. The wiring loom on these are easy to undo, simply just pull it out horizontality and let it hang from the roof.

Inside roof view of lights above rear passenger
Lower the driver seat, ie fully recline it. Gently manoeuvre the lining out.
It is flexible, but be careful how you bend it as it is very fragile as well.

Setup to remove lining

No more roof Lining

Roof Lining Outside the car

Install is the opposite of removal.

Completed !

NOTES ON DOCO: I had one major issue when doing this. I didn’t mark out the holes I needed well enough, so I struggled when it came time to put the lining back in and do it properly. Make sure you know where all the holes are and everything sits flush. My front bar doesn’t sit in properly (at time of writing), but I recovered mine whilst it was out. Also be careful when pulling on the black clips.
Some of mine stayed in until I pulled them out with a set of pliers.


This Document was Written By dylan (twirqurky), and remains the property of dylan (twirqurky).
Copyright 2005 dylan (twirkquy), all rights reserved.
This document has been reproduced on Fordmods with the kind permision of dylan (twirqurky).
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Document description: Information on changing your roof lining for EA-EL Model Falcons
Document written by: twirqurky on 08 2005>, Copyright © 2005 twirqurky, all rights reserved.
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