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 Reverse Sensor Installation
How to install Venom Reverse Sensors

This document describes how to wire and install a Reverse Sensor system using an off the shelf Venom Reverse Sensor kit.

    Tools required:
  • Venom Reverse Sensor Kit

  • Screwdriver - Phillips 1 Point PH 65.521

  • Screwdriver - Flat blade

  • Drill bit, and holecutter (this is supplied for you and comes in the box)

  • Drill (Cordless, corded, or manual)

  • Sockets(10mm and 14mm)

  • Ratchet socket wrench

  • Extension bar for Ratchet socket wrench

    Approximate time required:
  • I would allow about 2 to 3 hours to complete this project,but depending on how quickly you can take off the rear bumper, replace the bumper and drill a few holes, it could be done much quicker.

Before you proceed, make sure you have somewhere safe to store screws etc so that they do not get lost.

Step 1:
Empty the boot. This will make it easier to do things. This includes removing the spare tyre. If it makes it easier remove the carpet as well.

Step 2:
Remove the tyre Iron.

Step 3:
Remove the little rubber grommet things that are covering the bolts holding the bumper, there are 2 either side of the boot.

No we do not want to remove the bolts just yet, it just makes it easier to remove these things now while removing things from the boot.

Step 4:
Remove the 2 rear mudflaps using the phillips screwdriver.

Step 5:
Remove the little plastic screw type things

This is where I used the flat blade screwdriver. I pushed the screwdriver between the bumper plastic and the mudguard plastic and levered it out. These items are pretty much a one use item.

Step 6:
Remove the number plaste light from the bumper. You can use the same small flat blade screwdriver to help you remove the light.

Step 7:
If you have a towbar etc you should remove / undo the electrical plug from the bumper.

Step 8:
Remove the 2 pop rivets that are in the wheel well in the boot.

I used the drill bit that comes with the Reverse Sensor Kit to remove the rivets, it was easy enough. This is also the reason that you remove the spare from the boot, so that you do not drill through it as well.

Step 9:
Using the 10mm socket and wrench remove the 2 bolts from either side of the bumper (they are on the inside of the wheel arches).

I have given this image to show where the bolts go through. I found the socket and wrench was the easiest way to remove them. If you don't have a small enough socket wrench SuperCheap Auto have a range of small ones to fit.

Step 10:
Using the 14mm Socket and extension bar remove the 4 bolts holding the rear bumper on. These are the ones located inside the boot.

Step 11:
Remove the bumper from the car and place it on the grass (or workbench). Whatever is easier on the day.

Step 12:
Mark accordingly (to the instructions in the box) the location of the holes to be drilled.

I remeasured several times before actually drilling. Once drilled you can either put the sensors straight in or drill / sand the holes a little larger to get the sensors a little recessed or flush with the bumper.

Step 13:
Once installed you can put the bumper back on.

Once nearly back on, you will need to feed the wires through the same hole that the number plate light and trailer socket wires go through.

Step 14:
Attatch the positive wire to the positive of the reverse light. Attatch the negative wire to the negative of the reverse light. This is to activate and deactivate when the reverse gear is engaged.

Step 15:
In the box comes some adhesive velcro.If there was no velcro supplied then you will need to buy some from a store that sells some(e.g. Kmart, BigW, coles, Bunnings etc).

Apply the velcro to the box and adhere the box to an appropriate place.

I tucked the excess wire behind the panel next to the box.

Step 16:
Hook up the screen which shows the distance and wire it through the car so that it can sit near / on the dash at a place of your choosing.

Step 17:
Put everything back on to the car where it belongs. Bolt all the bolts back up. Screw all the screws back in. And you are pretty much done.
I only used the items in the following picture:(apart from the drill)

The finished(well almost, it still needs a tidy up) product.

 Document Summary
Document description: How to install Venom reverse sensors in EF/EL Falcon
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