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Ford EF, NF, DF, Smartlock / Body Electronics Module Information

The High Series Green Smartlock Module
This document gives a quick rundown on the Ford's Smartlock and Body Electronics Module (Hereafter called BEM), the features each model has, how to add and Remove Remote Key fobs from the Smartlock Memory, and finally Information on Starting a Smartlock disabled vehicle.
Please Note : The information provided regarding starting a Smartlock disable vehicle is not intended for criminal purposes. As such, the only method that I will describe herein requires access to the vehicle for a period of AT LEAST 30 Minutes.
The Smartlock Security system fitted to the EBII Falcons through to the AUI Falcons, consists of two distinct parts. These parts include the Remote central Locking part, which consists of the Smartlock Remote Key fobs, and the smartlock module itself.
The other part of the Smartlock security system is the Ignition Cut-out, and Starter disable function, which is totally integrated with the EEC-IV(EB2-ED) and the EEC-V(EF-AU1) Engine Management systems.
It is because of this total integration with the Engine Management, that the Smartlock system makes certain types of theft (Joyriding, Driving the Vehicle), very difficult for non-professional thieves. The Smartlock system CANNOT be Hotwired, (I.E. Bypassed by shorting, or disconnecting wiring), nor can it be simply removed.
As mentioned above, these parts are electronically totally separate to one another. This means that the ignition cutout will work automatically, regardless of the Key fob operation. Also, remote central locking will also work, even if Smartlock has disabled the vehicle.
Both these Smartlock sections have their own separate power supplies, and consequently, their own separate fuses.
Although these parts are electrically separate beasts, they physically reside in the same module.
On the EB2-ED, this module is the Smartlock Module.
On the EF-EL, this module was physically housed in what is called the BEM, or the Body Electronics Module.
The Body Electronics Module is responsible for most of the mundane electrical features on the Ford Falcon series of Vehicles, from things as interior light delay, through to Variable Instrument Illumination, Power Antenna height, Variable wiper speed, and rear window demister timer.
With the EF-EL Model Falcons, there were three distinct models of BEM fitted to various vehicles, and as such, each model had more features than the lower specified models.
Please Note : The EF and EL Smartlock/BEMs are NOT Interchangeable Due to the Different Wiring Connectors Used.
Body Electronic Modules for the EF/EL
As mentioned above, there are three distinct types of BEMs made available on the EF series Falcon. A further 3 different BEM Models were introduced with the EL/NL/DL Model Falcons.
Unfortunately, the EF and EL BEMs are NOT interchangeable, due to the different wiring connectors used between the models.
The BEM Models are classified by Ford as Being
  • Low Series - Fitted to GLi, Police Pack, Taxi Pack Models (Coloured Grey for EFI / Black for EFII & EL - Part No : EF14A144C (Grey))
  • Mid Series - Fitted to XR6, XR8 and Futura Models (Coloured Red for EF / Blue For EL)
  • High Series - Fitted to Fairmont, Fairmont Ghia, Fairlane, LTD, ELGT, and Tickford Fairlane Models. (Green for EF / Green ? for EL - Part No : 94DA14K144BA for EF)

    The Main Difference between EF and EL Models is the Speed Sensitive Intermittent wiper control, for the Mid/High Series BEMs

    Low Series Features - (Grey or Black Colour)
    Note : The EF and EL BEM have exactly the same features for both EF and EL Models, But ARE NOT Interchangeable
  • Central Door Lock Switch
  • Diagnostic Capability
  • Dome Lamp with door open
  • Electronic Immobilisation
  • Heated Backlight (Rear window demister)
  • Intermittent wiper (Fixed Speed)
  • Remote Entry
  • Door Lock/Unlock
  • Boot Unlock
  • Door Lamp operation when Remote Unlock used
  • Wiper Control after wash
  • Automatic Relock
  • Tailgate Lock/Unlock (Wagon)

    Mid Series Features (Red EF / Blue EL Colour)
    The Mid series Body Electronics Module had all the features of the Low series, and additional features such as,
  • Dome Lamp Delay/Fade
  • Power Window Operation with Key off
  • Variable speed intermittent Wipe
  • Windscreen wash The EL Mid Series BEM also had the additional features of the Battery saver output, and the Speed sensitive Intermittent wiper control.

    High Series Features (Green EF / Green EL)
    The High series Body Electronics Module had all the features of the Low and Mid series, and additional features such as,
  • Power antenna direction and Height control (Half/Full)
  • independent Variable brightness for LCD Illumination and Graphics/Button Illumination, for Both Day and Night.

    The Following is a description of these features, and brief information on how the BEM interacts with the vehicle.

    ANTENNA (High Series)
    When the Radio is switched on, it sends a positive voltage to the BEM via the Radio On line. The BEM then raises the Antenna to whatever position the Antenna position switch has been set to.
    When the Radio is turned off, the Radio brings the Voltage on the "Radio On" line to the BEM, to ground. Causing the BEM to fully retract the Power Antenna.
    With the ignition in the Off position, the Ford Factory Sound systems can be turned On for a further period of 1 Hour. The BEM will still control the Antenna Position, even with the Ignition in the Off Position.

    CENTRAL LOCKING (All Series)
    When the Central door lock switch is activated on the Remote Key fob, the door locks, (including the tailgate on Wagons) will change state (Lock/Unlock).

    When the ignition is turned On, the BEM turns On the LCD illumination. Brightness is controlled by the Dim/Bright control on the Headlights switch.
    When the Park Lamps are turned on, the BEM dims the LCD illumination, and turns on the graphics illumination. The Brightness on the entire cluster is controlled by the dim/bright control on the headlight switch, but this setting is independent to that set for daylight LCD Illumination.

    Unlocking the car doors with the remote key fob, will turn on the Interior Dome lamp. The Dome lamp will stay on for a period of 20 seconds, or Until the Ignition Switch is switched to ACC, or ON.

    Opening an already locked door will turn on the dome lamp; when the door is closed, the dome lamp will stay on for 20 seconds.
    If the Remote Keypad is used to lock the doors, before the 20 seconds is over (I.E. dome lamp is still on), the BEM will turn the dome lamp off.
    If a door is left open for a period longer than 60 Minutes, the BEM Will switch off the Dome lamp to protect the Battery.

    Unlocking the car doors with the remote key fob, will turn on the Interior Dome lamp. The Dome lamp will stay on for a period of 20 seconds, followed by a Fade out period of 6 seconds.

    Opening an already locked door will turn on the dome lamp; when the door is closed, the dome lamp will stay on for 20 seconds, followed by a fade out of 6 seconds.
    If the Remote Keypad is used to lock the doors, before the 26 seconds is over (I.E. dome lamp is still on), the BEM will turn the dome lamp off.
    If a door is left open for a period longer than 60 Minutes, the BEM Will switch off the Dome lamp to protect the Battery.

    The operation of the heated backlight is controlled by the BEM.
    When the switch is operated, the heated backlight will stay on for a period of 15 minutes.
    The heated backlight operates in both the Accessories, and On ignition positions.
    If the Heated backlight is turned On before the engine is started, the Backlight will be turned Off while the engine is cranking, and the 15 minute counter is put on hold.
    When the key is returned to On, the backlight is automatically turned On again, and the counter resumes.
    With the heated backlight on, a further operation of the switch will turn it off.

    When the ignition is in the accessory or On positions, the power window relay is energised.
    With the key in the Off position, the power window relay will stay on for a period of 1 hour, unless a door is opened.
    After a door is opened, the relay will stay energised for a period of 45 seconds.

    When the switch is moved to the Intermittent position, the wipers will operate one wipe, for every seven seconds.
    The intermittent wipe relay is held on for a period of 0.8 seconds.
    This feature operates in both the Accessories, and On positions.

    The wipers will wipe at a rate set by the rotating control on the wiper stalk switch. The rate is from 1 to 15 seconds.

    WINDSCREEN WASH(Mid/High Series)
    If the windscreen was switch is momentary operated, the washer pump will operate for a period of 1.3 seconds. (If you don't believe me, I suggest you go out there, and time it yourself !)
    If the switch is held for longer than 1.6 seconds, the pump will stop as soon as the switch is released.
    Dunno about you, but this feature was the main reason why I got myself a Fairmont Ghia !

    When the washer pump is operated, the wipers will start operating approximately 0.5 seconds after the pump starts.
    When the pump switch is released, the BEM will operate the wipers for another 3 wipes.
    The BEM monitors the wiper operation by counting 2 end of wipe park pulses, and then turning the wiper relay off.
    If the BEM does not see a park pulse for more than 5 seconds, it will turn off the wiper relay to protect the wiper motor.

    The electronic immobilisation system is designed to protect the theft of the vehicle.
    The BEM controls the smart lock functions, and the electronic lock assembly that contains an electronic device with stored security codes.
    When the ignition switch is turned on, the BEM asks for 3 security codes from the electronic lock assembly.
    If at least 2 of these 3 codes are correct, then BEM will enable the starter motor to operate.
    The BEM also communicates with the EEC-V engine management system, which only allows the injectors to operate if the BEM receives the correct security codes from the electronic lock assembly.
    This prevents the motor from being started, if the starter motor is "Hot wired".

    The keyless entry system allows remote unlocking of the doors.
    A small radio transmitter with a unique code is used to communicate with the BEM.
    The SMARTLOCK module can be programmed to recognise up to 4 keypads.

    The BEM can perform a self check, to verify the correct functioning of the SMARTLOCK system.
    The self check is done each time the ignition is turned to the Off position.
    The next time the ignition is turned On, the results from the previous self test are displayed on the flashing SMARTLOCK warning Jewel (LED) in the instrument cluster.
    The electronic ignition lock assembly contains a lock barrel, a shear shaft, an ignition switch with a vane, and an electronic circuit board.
    The circuit board contains two infra red transmitters and receivers, and an E2PROM that holds the security codes.
    When the key is turned, the vane on the ignition switch rotates and reflects one or both of the IR Transmitters.
    This enables the electronic lock assembly to verify that the ignition switch is correctly fitted, and the position in which the key is in. When the key is turned to the On position, the electronic lock assembly transmits three codes from special memory locations to the BEM.

    The keypad is a small radio transmitter that transmits to the BEM a unique code (for security) and a code to either lock/unlock the doors (and Tailgate for wagon), and to operate the Boot release.
    Up to four keypads can be programmed on a single BEM.
    The transmitter operates at 303.8Mhz, and uses a 12V dry Cell Battery that lasts approximately 1 year.
    The transmitter has a range of about 10 Meters.
    When the Transmitter is used, the BEM operates the Hazard Warning Lamps to indicate a successful operation. The BEM also turns on the interior lamps when the doors are unlocked.

  • Adding and Removing remote Keypads to the Smartlock module
    Up to four Keypads can be programmed and used with the Smartlock Remote Central locking system.
    If you have replaced the BEM, or new keypads are being added to the system, you will need to train the keypad codes to the module.
  • 1. The ignition switch should be in the Off position, with all the doors shut and Unlocked.
  • 2. Turn the ignition key to the ACCESSORY position and within 5 seconds, operates the rear demister switch exactly three times in quick succession. (IE. Press the switch so the Demister light turns on, then off, then back on again.)
  • 3. After the 5 seconds is up, the door locks will change state, to indicate that the BEM has entered keypad learn mode.
    NOTE : All existing keypads at this point, have been erased from memory !
  • 4. Press either buttons on the keypad that is to be trained. The door locks will change state twice, to indicate that the keypad has been added to the BEM memory.
  • 5. Follow step 4. for each keypad that is to be added to the BEM memory. A maximum of 4 keypads can be added to the BEM memory.NOTE : You must teach all remote keypads for the Smartlock module, before proceeding.
  • 6. When you have taught all the remote keypads, turn the ignition to the Off position to leave the learn mode. The door locks will change state to indicate a return to normal mode.
  • 7. Check the function of both buttons on each keypad, to ensure that the keypad has been trained.
  • Starting a Smartlock Immobilised Falcon
    The immobilised state is indicated by the Smartlock warning jewel (LED) as a rapid flash rate.
    The system enters the immobilised state if Smartlock receives at least two incorrect codes when the ignition switch is turned to On.
    When the car is in the immobilised state, you cannot start the engine, as the BEM has disabled both the starter motor, and the EEC-V system.
    If the cause of the immobilisation is a corruption of the codes during transfer, you should be able to start the car on the second attempt.
    Note : The remote keypads will still operate on an immobilised car, however an immobilised car will not display the immobilised flash with the ignition off, and will display the armed code as normal.
    If the cause is an unauthorised attempt to start the car, i.e. by hot wiring, the car will remain unstartable. However to prevent a vehicle from being completely immobilised, (Eg. due to a damaged electronic lock assembly data), you can start the car by using the method below.
    The following method must be used if the BEM, or the electronic module has been replaced, so as the new Codes from the electronic Ignition Switch are RE-LEARNT.
  • 1. Turn all accessories off.
  • 2. Turn the ignition to the On position.
    The Smartlock warning Jewel (LED) will flash any error codes, then finally the immobilised code.
  • 3. Leave the car for 30 Minutes.
  • 4. After 30 Minutes, the BEM will attempt to relearn the electronic lock assembly data.
  • 5. If the learning procedure is successful, the warning jewel (LED) will then stop flashing and the door locks will change state twice. You can now start the car, and operate it as normal.
  • 6. If the learning procedure is unsuccessful, the warning jewel (LED) will stop flashing and stay on, and you can start the engine.
  • Upgrading the Smartlock Modules
    Note : This Information is only applicable to EF Model BEMs

    The High Series BEM (Green) Internals - As per fitted to an EF Fairmont Ghia
    The High Series Green Smartlock Module Internal Components

    The Low Series BEM (Grey) Internals, As per fitted to an EF GLi
    The Low Series Green Smartlock Module Internal Components

    The Low and Mid Series EF Smartlock Modules utilise the same Circuit Board, but the Low Series Module is missing a few electronic parts, that are necessary for the following features
  • Dome Lamp Delay Fade out (Slow Fade out period on delay) - Missing Relay and others
  • Washer Pump Output (Auto Washer Pump operation on stalk flick) - Missing Relay and others
  • Power Window Relay Output (Delayed power with key off) - Missing Diode

    Funnily enough, it appears that the Intermittent Wiper Stalk Input (The Variable resistor ring), is internally connected, and available within the Low series BEM (Though don’t take my word for it!)
    It may be a simple matter of adding an Intermittent Wiper Stalk, and running a wire to pin 10 on the lower Connector, to gain this feature.
    In any case, it is possible to upgrade the Low Series BEM, to a Mid series model, rather painlessly, in order to gain the above functions.

    If you are considering upgrading your BEM to a high series Model (As fitted to Fairmont, Fairmont Ghia, Fairlane, LTD, and ELGT), there is a fair amount of work involved, as the Lower Connector is completely different to those found on the Low/Mid Series BEM Models.
    In considering this, there are ONLY 2 EXTRA FEATURES that the High Series BEM will offer, over the Mid Series Model.
    These Features are -
  • The Power Antenna Height Adjustment switch (Full Height / Half Height) - Requires adding Switch, Power Semi Auto Antenna, wiring
  • The Variable Day/Night Instrument Cluster and LCD Illumination - Requires New Dimmer Switch, and Wiring.

    Upgrading from a Low Series BEM to a Mid Series BEM
    If you have an EF GLi, then you will have the Low Series Black, or Grey BEM.
    It is quite possible to upgrade this BEM to the Mid Series EF Futura/XR Model Blue/Red BEM, to gain extra features not available to the GLi Models.
    Although the wiring connectors for a Low Series, and a Mid Series BEM are EXACTLY THE SAME, there are a number of changes you will need to make the Vehicles wiring, in order to obtain some of the added features this BEM upgrade can provide.
    By simply swapping the BEM model from Low to Mid, you will gain the following Feature -
  • Interior Lamp Dome Fade out

    The Next Mod you will want to make is adding a Variable Intermittent Wiper Stalk, and adding a wire from this, to the BEM.
    At present, I have not tried this modification, therefore I am not 100% sure of the best procedure to go about adding the required wire.
    Therefore, I am not sure if the wire already exists (Most Probably doesn’t), and if there are any shortcuts that can be taken in adding it.
    If you are interested in carrying out this mod, then please let me know, and I will investigate this step further.

    The Next Mod you will need to make is cutting the wire going to the Front Washer Motor, and adding a new Wire going to from the BEM, to the Washer Motor.
    This Mod will then remove the control of the washer pump, away from the Wiper/Washer stalk, and allow to the BEM Module to have complete control of this feature.
    Basically, when this mod is completed, you will then be able to simply flick the Wiper/Washer stalk, and the Washer pump will operate for a period of 4 seconds.
    A somewhat useless feature, but an added feature nonetheless.

    The final Mod required is ONLY useful if you have fitted power windows.
    This feature is the Timed delay for the power supply going to the power window switches.
    Basically this will allow you to operate the power windows for a period of 1 hour after the ignition is switched off, and a door is not opened.
    If a door is opened, then power will remain for a further 45 seconds.
    In Order to add this feature, you will need to add a Relay to power the power window switches, as the BEM Module will not be able to supply the current required for the power window motors.
  • Smartlock Wiring Information
    Top Connector EF Models - (The Connector Just Below the Heater/Air Conditioning/Climate Controls
    The wiring for this Connector is the Same, regardless of the Falcon Model or Series

    The Top Common Connector for the Smartlock Module
    Pin NoWire ColourPurposeVoltage
    1WhiteBoot Tailgate Switch Power InBattery +12V
    2Black / Dark BlueDome Lamp Illumination12V Lamp Off, 0V Lamp On
    3Grey / BlackWasher Pump12V Off, 0V On
    4Red / YellowDoor Unlock LineGround to Unlock Doors
    5 Not Connected 
    6Yellow / BlackDoor Lock LineGround to Lock Doors
    7 Not Connected 
    8BlackGround0 Volts
    9 Not Connected 
    10Black / Brown ?Front Wiper Motor12V Parked, 0V On
    11 Not Connected 
    12YellowBoot / Tailgate release12V Release
    13 Not Connected 
    14Black / BlueGround0V
    15 Not Connected 
    Dark Green / Orange?
    Brown / Pink
    Not Used (Low Series Only)
    Power Window Relay (Mid Series Only)
    Antenna Up (High Series Only)
    0V On (Mid)
    12V Up (High)
    17 Not Connected 
    18Violet /Green
    Red / White
    Rear Window Demister(Low Mid)
    Power Antenna Down (High)
    0V Demister On (Low)
    12V Antenna Down (High)
    19Dark Green / YellowBattery+12V
    20YellowHazard Lamps Power+12V
    21Dark Green / Dark BlueRight Indicator+12V On
    22Dark GreenLeft Indicator+12V On
    Lower Connector EF (Low and Mid) Models - (The Connector That is underneath the Dash
    The wiring for this Connector is the Same, regardless of the Low or Mid Series Falcon Model
    Please Note : This wiring connector is only used for Low (GLi) and Mid (Futura and XR) Model Falcons
    High Series Models (Fairmont/Ghia/Fairlane/LTD/GT) have a unique plug that is not compatible with the Low/Mid series BEMs

    The Lower Connector for the Smartlock Module - Low and Mid Series Models
    Pin NoWire ColourPurposeVoltage
    A1 Door Lock Switch (Dash Mounted)+5V Off - 0V Depressed
    A2 Heated Backlight Switch (Rear Window Demister)+5V Off - 0V Depressed
    A3 Front Intermittent wiper switch+12V Off - 0V On
    A4 Horn Relay+12V Off - 0V On
    A5 Ignition Switch Data I/O0-5V PWM Data
    A6 Ignition Power+12V Normal - 0V Immobilised
    A7 Smartlock LED+12V LED Off - 5V LED On
    A8 Starter Input+8V to 10V Cranking
    A9 Not used 
    A10 Variable Intermittent Wiper Control (Var Resistor) Mid Only2.5V Low - 0.1V High
    A11Black / BlueDoor open Switches5V Off - 0V when door opened
    A12 Accessories Power+12V Acc on, 0V Off
    A13 Ignition Switch GroundGround (0V) Supply to Ignition Lock Assy
    A14 Ignition Switch Internal Clock0V to 5V PWM
    A15 Not Used 
    A16 EEC V Enable0V to 12V PWM Serial Data
    A17 Front Window Washer Switch (Input)12V Off - 0V On
    A18 Smartlock Diagnostic output5V
    A19 Starter Output+8V to 10V Cranking
    A20 Ignition Switch Smartlock Power Supply+5V
    Lower Connector EF/NF/DF (High Series) Models - (The Connector That is underneath the Dash)
    Please Note : This wiring connector is only used for High Series (Fairmont/Ghia/Fairlane/LTD/GT) Model Falcons
    There are 2 Plugs located on this series BEM, their pin outs, wire colours, and purposes are described below

    The Lower Connector for the Smartlock Module - High Series Models
    Pin NoWire ColourPurposeVoltage
    A1 Door Lock Switch (Dash Mounted)+5V Off - 0V Depressed
    A2 Instruments Dimmer Bright Switch0V Off, +5V Depressed
    A3 Front Intermittent wiper switch+12V Off - 0V On
    A4 Front Washer Switch+12V Off - 0V On
    A5 Front Intermittent wiper switch+12V Off - 0V On
    A6 Not Connected 
    A7 Instrument Dimmer Switch (Dim)0V Off +5V Depressed
    A8 Heated Backlight switch (Rear Window Demister)5V Off - 0V Depressed
    A9 Not used 
    A10Black/BlueDoor Open Switches+5V Off - 0V Door Open
    A11 Antenna Height Select?????? No Information available
    A12 Park Lamps Input+12V off, 0V On
    Pin NoWire ColourPurposeVoltage
    B1 Accessories+12V (Accessories switch)
    B2 Ignition Power+12V (0V Immobilised)
    B3 Not Connected 
    B4 Smartlock Diagnostic Output+5V
    B5 EEC V Enable0-12V PWM Data
    B6 Power Window Relay0V On, +12V Off
    B7 Heated Backlight Relay (Rear Window Demister Relay)12V Off, 0V On
    B8 LCD Dimming (Negative Output)Negative Illumination (0V Max Brightness - 10V Min Brightness)
    B9 Radio On (Power Antenna Input from Deck)0V Off, +12V On
    B10 Horn Relay12V Off - 0V On
    B11 Ignition Switch GroundGround
    B12 Ignition Switch Internal Clock0V to +5V PWM
    B13 Smartlock LED12V LED Off, 5V to 7V Led On
    B14 Ignition Switch Data I/O0V to 5V PWM Data
    B15 Starter Output (Engine Crank)8V-10V Crank
    B16 Starter Input (Engine Crank)8V-10V Crank
    B17 Ignition Switch (Smartlock) Power supply+5V
    B18 Instrument Cluster Graphics and Button (Negative) Illumination Dimming0V Max Brightness, 10V Min Brightness
     Document Summary
    Document description: Smartlock Information and Specifications, as well as Modification info
    Document written by: Matti on 07 2002>, Copyright © 2004 Matti, all rights reserved.
    Document revised: 13 2004 - Revision 3.0
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