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 XH Cupholders
Installing an EF/EL Cup Holders into XH Longreach

This document describes the fitting of EF/EL cup holders to an XH series Longreach.
This entails modifying the cup holders, and fitting them to the rear of the XH centre console.
    Tools required:
  • cutting tools/bladesr

  • smoothing files

  • Phillips head screwdriver

  • small spanners/shifters

  • drill & drill bits

  • a Fluoro or suitable light source

    Materials Required:
  • Sandpaper ++
  • Plastic primer ++
  • Vinyl spraypaint ++
    ++ only needed if painting the cupholders

    Parts required:
  • EF/EL cup holders
  • 2 x EF/EL antenna mounts or custom brackets
  • 2 x lengths metal strap
  • 2 x small bolts/washers/nuts

    Approximate time required:
  • 3.0 hrs for installation

Modifying the EF/EL cup holders:

All that is needed here is to cut the front of the cup holders off up to the pop up cup retainer. This allows the installation to not foul the cabin rear. This next item is optional, but will make the cup holders more reliable: Cut notches in the pop up cup retainer, this enables the plastic fingers to engage the pop up retainer – the retainer will be permanently locked up, but won’t drop without warning. Refer Fig. 1

Fig 1. Cutting notches in the pop up retainer. The notch position is marked with the retainer fully up.

Fitting the EF/EL cup holders to the XH centre console:

    1. Remove the centre console: 2 phillips head screws are located in the rear console compartment base, and 2 phillips head screws are located under the front of the auto shift quadrant / manual trans shift surround.
    2. Remove the rear airvent.
    3. Fit the modified EF/EL cupholders in the existing rear hole. The top is fitted using a pair custom brackets which you’ll need to make up. A pair of manual antenna brackets will do the job perfectly as well. The bottom of the cupholders have two locating posts that fit against the XH console air vent bottom, so the cupholders will sit perfectly, however, the lower console bottom only has a thin strip of plastic, so some metal strapping is fitted the strengthen the setup. Use a string spirit level on the cup holder base to ensure it is level.
    Refer Fig 2. for an underside view of this setup.

Fig 2. Installation showing EF/EL antenna mounts used as upper brackets. Metal strap is used to strengthen the lower mounting. The red arrows indicate the lower locating posts location on the console inside.

Fig 3. The finished product undergoing a test run :)


Q: Couldn’t I just use an EF/EL centre console ?

A: Nope, won’t fit or match the car. You could use an AU console.

Q: Do I need to paint the cupholders before fitting them ?

A: That’s really up to personal preference – the EF/EL cupholders are a ‘Lunar mist’ colour, which is lighter than the XH console ‘Mako grey’. Seeing the holders are to the console rear, they aren’t easily visible.

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Document description: Installing an EF/EL Cup Holders into XH Longreach
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